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One Friday almost 2000 years ago in the city of Jerusalem a good man called Jesus set out on a journey that would change the world.  He walked less than a mile.  But in the course of that day’s journey he was wrongly arrested, betrayed by his closest friends, tried in a rigged court and then horribly executed in public.

From the events of that day in a corner of the Middle East, a message of forgiveness, hope and reconciliation has spilled out through the centuries to every corner of the world.  That’s why Christians call this day Good Friday.

At Immanuel Church Southbourne, this Holy Week (Sunday 20th - Sunday 27th March 2016), we will be hosting a free art exhibition retelling the story of the Passion of Christ using the art work of Jenny Hawke.

This will give you an opportunity to reflect on the Easter Story in a new way.

To read more about ONE FRIDAY go to For opening times see the flyer opposite.